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BCUNA is shutting down on September 24

Since the late 90s, I have been working with BCU UK as the North American Administrator. It has been my role to process paperwork and be a liaison for North American coaches/paddlers and the UK. In 2001, we started talking about a new type of organization to replace what is currently known as BCUNA. We wanted a not-for-profit organization with official BCU UK status. It has taken a long time but is finally here.Relaxing

Paddlesports North America (PNA): is this new organization and will take over the work done by BCUNA. This is a very exciting development for everyone involved in North American paddlesports. PNA has a great group of board members who will push for the needs of NA paddlers and BCU coaches. I could not think of a better person to be the president of PNA than Nikki Rekman.

I feel honored to have been able to serve as the North American Administrator for the past 15 years. I have had support from so many great paddlers and coaches, many of whom I now call good friends. While it has been a struggle for all of us at times, our desire to have the highest quality coaching in North America kept things going. Now that I will have this time back, I hope to paddle with many of the people whom I've gotten to know.

I would like to give extra thanks to Mike Devlin for supporting me as the NA Administrator. He has gone out of his way to support what we have done here. None of this could have happened without his commitment. Leon Somme and Shawna Franklin always offered guidance and kind words. I would not have done it for so long without their support.

Let's all offer our support to Paddlesports North America. They will continue to move coaching and paddlesports forward in North America.

See you on the water, Bill

Paddlesports North America Announcement